Through this initiative we run various smaller programs in honour of my son who passed away 19 years ago and to whom the entire organisation is dedicated.

Two of these initiatives in includes;
• Donating our extra camp cots & toddler beds to various Rat Bite Victims.  Babies & Children are literally bitten and eaten alive by RATS at night when they are fast sleep. We provide basic Medical Treatment packs to avoid serious infections and sepsis too.

• Supplying car seats, prams & strollers donated to us, that we don’t use at the Haven or in Iterileng to Kalafong Hospital’s Occupational Therapy Unit who then in turn donate it to severely disabled or mentally challenged babies and children who’s parent/caregivers cannot afford the necessary equipment that is vital to their daily care., stimulation as well as their development.

If you have a once off Special project that you would like to run through the ZHF PLEASE CONTACT US!

Iterileng Community Services

Our Various Community Services aim to assist vulnerable members of our community with the necessary PREVENTION & EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES to “Help them to Help  Themselves“, their children and their families instead of becoming solely dependant on handouts from government, New BeginningZ & other NGO’s

Programs Include:

  • After Care Centre
  • Youth Development Program
  • Holiday Programs
  • The Imaan Community Clinic & Medical Outreach Program (suspended)
  • Medical Assistance & Referrals
  • Community Assistance
  • Training Programs (Parenting Skills Classes, Single Parent Support Group, Nutrition Workshops, Stimulation & Development Training)
  • ECD Training & Assistance to other Creches in the community

We partner with other organisations and government initiatives where we share our resources and capacity to enable more beneficiaries to be reached


A volunteer is someone who offers an organisation his or her services of his or her own free will. Individuals, Scholars, Students, Professionals, are all very welcome to join our growing network of NBZ Volunteers. Our volunteers are not paid any sort or remuneration or stipend. They are expected to follow the guidelines laid down by the organisation and upheld by its management. It is important for our volunteers to be aware of the commitment and responsibility required for the positive development of each our children, as well as the success of the organisation as a whole. Volunteer Application forms & To Do List available.

Corporate Social Investment Project Partnership

We value our CSI Partners Tremendously as it is through their support and continued involvement that we are able to do what we do on a daily basis.  If you and your Team are looking for a cause with a Difference, then you have found us. New BeginningZ fosters deep meaningful relationships with our Corporate Investors on all levels. We are a Level 1 BEE Partner with SARS 18A Status. Whether you are looking for a once off project or a long term mutually beneficial partnership, get in touch with us and let’s make a Meaningful Difference Together.